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我是27岁马来西亚华人,Freelance 护理按摩师,拥有台湾大学美容与按摩保健系文凭。 我的专业护理是: 1. 男性保健抓龙根按摩(没有提供任何有关色情服务)-提升床上能力以及前列腺保健,防止前列腺癌。 2. 姜油肚腩护理 - 祛风排毒。 3. 破脂肪瘦身护理 - 把多余脂肪移除,瘦身。 4. 专业为失眠打造的按摩护理。 5. 经络按摩护理。适合运动受伤,腰骨酸痛。 如果您有兴趣的话,请提前预约。 I am Debbie, a 27 years old Malaysian Chinese Freelance Therapist. I am a Diploma graduate from Taiwan University for Beauty and Massage. My specialty are : 1. Healthy Manhood Massage (No Sexual Related Service) to enhance male sexual performance and prevent prostate cancer. 2. Ginger Tummy Massage to eliminate wind in our body. 3. Fat Breaking Slimming Massage to reduce fat in stomach. 4. Specialty Massage to help in Insomnia. 5. Meridian Massage for Sport Injury and Body Pain. Please make appointment with me before you come.



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