It was during my business trip to Subang in November last year. I was suppose to meet up 2 associates in a row on that day but I was aeroplaned by both of them. My next appointment would be to meet up my FB at night, which was 4 hours away. I had to kill my time.

As usual, searching for people nearby and saw a unique girl offering different services than others. The word manhood massage is relating me to handjob but after a few conversation with her, I find that she is different as she didn't turn our conversation into erotic one to make me wanna but stayed professional throughout the whole session.

Lucky as she has no customer (her business isn't that good until she met me) and straight away, I took Uber to her budget hotel to spend my next 2 hours. Inside the room, I was a bit disappointed as she wasn't pretty. Cute is the best I could describe her but it wasn't her fault as I didn't ask before I came. Anyway, it is ok as I am here for massage, the rare manhood massage that I could only found in Thailand by Auntie.

I asked her what type of massage she does but she didn't give me a clear answer. She was telling me she knows quite a few type of massages and she was going to give me the massage that suits my body most. MMA crossed my mind at that moment and I was chuckling. It was Mixed Massage Art, instead of Mixed Martial Art. Move on, her massage was really different than what I previously had from Thai girl and even better than those I had in high end massage shop.

Let's get to the main topic, the manhood massage. As my session was 2 hours, she said she would give me a different full body massage for the first hour and manhood massage on the next hour. On the 70th minute, she was still massaging my feet and leg and I was wondering and asked her why not massaging my sex organ yet? She answered she had already started the manhood massage on my leg and feet. She explained to me that manhood massage isn't about penis and testicles. There are many meridian and accupunture points which are connected to our sex organ.

She spent a total almost half an hour on my feet, legs, hip, stomach and my back during the one hour manhood massage session. I feel slight pain when she was massaging those areas. Then finally, she removed my towel and started the main dish. She is really skillful in her massage technique. I can feel that my penis isn't erecting but very very bloodful. The blood were like rushing through my whole penis but it wasn't erecting. What a weird feeling. Then, during my testicles massage, I feel comfortable amid a bit of pain. 

The whole massage session do give me a very refreshing body and mind. And I couldn't stop erecting or easily aroused after I left the room. I can feel the effect obviously after the session. The damage was RM200 + RM20 tips. If you ask me whether does it worth it? My answer is a definite Big YES! Why? I had a 3 hours session with my FB that night and she begged me to cum faster so that she could take a break from me.Cool

Since then, I kept contact with Debbie and she became one of my client. She gained my full support to promote her as she is really a Mistress (Master for Female) in Urut Batin.

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